Friday Double Play: Brand New vs. Taking Back Sunday

Brand New: Seventy Times Seven VS Taking Back Sunday: There’s No I In Team

Growing up in the incredible third wave of emo, as it has now become known, there were always rumors or urban myths about many bands floating around.  Was your favorite band breaking up/getting back together?  Was Say Anything going to cancel their tour last minute again? Was Chris Carrabba actually tall enough to get on rides at Disneyworld? (just joking Chris we kid because we love).  No rumor permeated the chit chat scuttlebutt more than the rivalry between Brand New and Taking Back Sunday.  It was well documented that Jesse Lacey started out in TBS and that he and TBS guitarist John Nolan actually grew up as best friends.  So what happened, where did the bands veer off course?  The early winner in the clubhouse on what caused the rift was a rumor that Jesse dated and then cheated on John’s sister (that later was proven true but it was TBS front man Adam Lazarra as the perpetrator, causing John to leave and form Straylight Run).  The actual truth didn’t come to light until a few years ago when an exasberated Sean Cooper, bass player of TBS, got fed up and boiled it all down on stage:

Regardless of the rift some great things that came out of the beef including some sharp barbs traded via merch:


Not to mention two of the bands most popular songs that were the main billows that stoked this rumor fire.  Take a listen bellow on the scathing barbs traded back and forth, most notably TBS taking the chorus from Seventy Times Seven and gently dubbing it underneath their bridge.  All I have to say is thank you very much for teenage grudges.

Brand New: Seventy Times Seven

Taking Back Sunday: There’s No I in Team


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