Thursday Throwback: Don’t Sweat the Technique by Eric B. & Rakim

Eric B. & Rakim: Don’t Sweat the Technique

With the phenomenal news coming out that after 23 years apart the dynamic duo of Eric B. and Rakim will be reuniting, it only makes sense to give a little shout out to a Hip Hop classic.  Few MC and DJ tandems have ever compared to mind blowing songs that those fellas put out.  The jazzy cut up samples that Eric B. produced were so ahead of his time layering horns, bass, audio samples, and much more to craft a new type of hip hop and art for that matter.  He was matched in his brilliance only by his lyrical partner on the microphone in Rakim.  Rakim’s smooth steady delivery weaved in and out of pockets created by the beat like two laces in a shoe.  They were and continue to be ahead of the game and continue to inspire thousands of you producers, DJs, and MCs to this day.


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