Friday Double Play: For Boston

For Boston: The Hold Steady / Dropkick Murphys

Low and behold when I was looking up the upcoming The Hold Steady Boys and Girls in America tour did I realize that they had a deluxe Australian edition of their Kerouac inspired classic.  On said album was a song I had never heard of before, For Boston.  Being up with my history of the band I knew lead singer Craig Finn spent some time in beantown while at Boston college, so I should not had been surprised that there might be a song hearkening back to his days in The Heights.  The Hold Steady version is a prototypical THS song mixing the drinking and drugging dalliances with specific location and people, all with the same driving back beat and pushing guitars that make them killer.  On the other hand we have Mcgreevy’s boys given their signature punch to the face with this ode to their hometown.  Two different takes on the same great city, one from a group of born and bread blue collar boys and the other from a visiting college kid with a history of dabbling in some of the harder things.


The Hold Steady

Dropkick Murphys


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