Friday Double Play: Age of Consent

Age of Consent (originally by New Order): Performed by Arcade Fire / Built to Spill

So I decided today for the Friday double play I am going to change things up a little and opposed to doing two matching song titles from two different bands I am going to do two different bands covering the same song.  If you or the other 4 readers of this blog don’t like it well you can take a long walk to another blog that posts a combination of food/ beer/ music and read them.

One of my top 100 songs of all time, the remnants of Joy Division killed the catchy melancholy so beautifully with this driving drum beat and contagious melodies. It is no surprise that it is easy to find two giants of the indie music scene covering what is such a pivotal song to soo many.  While Arcade Fire takes a more gentle and somber approach with a delicate arrangement, both theirs and Built to Spill‘s more straight forward cover equally pay homage to the original.

Arcade Fire : Age of Consent

Built to Spill : Age of Consent


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