Thursday’s Throwback Jam

Archers of Loaf : Web in Front

This song connects with me two fold.  First off was when it was covered by Jesse Lacey of Brand New on an acoustic solo tour with Kevin Devine in 2008.  I never had heard the song before but the second he kicked into “all I ever wanted was to be your spine” I was hooked.  Racing home to figure out the source material of that song, I felt almost embarrassed for not having discovered Archers of Loaf sooner.

The second connection is to the bar I have come to know and love over the past 3 years The Cobra Club.  For those not in the know, The Cobra Club is a killer bar located in Bushwick, Brooklyn that on the weekends has Karaoke starting at midnight in their back room and a DJ upfront at the main bar.  Well long story short, I had become part of a regular due to my late night karaoke addiction along with the incredibly welcoming nature of the whole staff.  I had began to become quite friendly with the bar staff but what really solidified it for me was when I was walking up front to get my next Genny and Web in Front was blaring with Keith the bartender singing right along.  Seemingly we were the only two who were familiar with the song and thus cemented The Cobra Club in my heart forever.


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