Tuesday New Music

Brand New: I am a Nightmare

While this isn’t the newest song out there, with the news coming out yesterday that Brand New will not release a new highly anticipated last album, their newest released single will be good enough for me.  Brand New will always hold a special place in my heart as being the first band I ever really obsessed over (well aside from that Billy Joel phase in middle school). From Your Favorite Weapon on I was a true believer, if not further convinced when I had an art come to life moment acting out an all time song in Jude Law and a Semester Abroad. Hell, the first concert I ever saw without my parents accompaniment was Brand New.  With the barely veiled hints that 2017 will be their last as a band and that their next album will be their last, I can honestly saw that for a lifelong fan of the band, this is one hell of a way to kick it off.


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