Monday Morning Cover Song

Starting something new off where each day I’m going to post a song or songs.  I’ve been falling down the YouTube rabbit-hole recently and I wanted to share some of my findings.  I’m also going to have little quirky antidotes either about the song or something relating to it.  As far as the songs for the days of the week the theme of each day will be as follows:

Monday: Cover songs

Tuesday:  New Music: while the song might not be just recorded, it’s the first I’m seeing it.

Wednesday: Live Performances

Thursday: Throw Back Thursday (How Original)

Friday: Double Dip: two songs with the same or similar titles

With that being said here is my first submission for Monday’s Cover (in actuality I posted a killer cover of The Scientist by Willie Nelson last week so check that out)

Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra) covers Pedro the Lion: I am the one who calls

I fell in love with the haunting vocals of the Pedro original when circling a traffic circle waiting to pick up a then girl friend with my dog in the passenger side.  Keeping  the song on repeat while I serenaded him with “I wouldn’t mind but you are my only hope“.  Andy adds some wispy harmonies that add to the airy quality of the song while giving it some bulk.




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