Polka dot clad tables and a breakfast bar  lined with luscious cases of cake welcome you into this Morningside Heights breakfast haven.  At Kitchenette  you can expect a wait for the exceptional and homey weekend brunch, that takes subtle twists on southern and traditional breakfast fare.

Being seated directly outside the kitchen window was the best/worst gift ever.  Watching the enticing parade of omelets, mac and cheese, and chipotle turkey hash pass by was a mouthwatering test of the soul;  second guessing every decision I have made in the past five years, or at least 10 minutes previous when I placed my order.

While I deeply regretted not ordering something graced with one of the golden orbs also known as their other worldly biscuits, I was wholeheartedly pleased with my order of the “Wake Up Granola”.  The cereal came topped with tart Greek yogurt and sweet blueberry compote that perfectly balanced with the nutty crunch of the homemade granola. Saddled up to the bowl was a moist and fragrantly spiced wedge of pumpkin bread.  Over all, this healthy start to the day tasted anything but, in the most delicious of ways.

The Turkey Sausage with Apple and Sage fell a little bit in my eyes. While it was packed with flavor it ate a little dry due to the leanness of the turkey.  Grab one of their fresh squeezed grapefruit or orange juice and any moisture issues are quickly solved.

For the veggie-phile I highly recommend the “Garden Scramble” or “Spinach Tomato and Brie Omelet”.  Both were stuffed with vegetable goodness and each had their own creamy oozing goodness, the omelet lent by the brie and the “Garden Scramble” from the exceptional herb sour cream that was drizzled over the top.  My dining companions were both thoroughly stuffed and satisfied with their orders.

I can also recommend the “Huevos Rancheros” which came piled with re-fried beans and a piquant salsa, as well as the “Gingerbread Pancakes” that need not be made into a house for you to get into the festive holiday mood.

The service here was also quite exceptional.  The waitress was the perfect amount of diner sass without over doing it and turning abrasive.  If you are ever in the throws of Uptown Manhattan looking for a legit breakfast, brunch, or meal at any time, I wouldn’t miss a stop in at Kitchenette.


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