Hands Down This is the Top 10 Dashboard Confessional Songs

Chris Carrabba

 (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

As a little pre-curser the reason I chose Dashboard Confessional, a little while  ago I read absolutely atrocious top ten Dashboard song list. A crime has been committed, one against all of humanity, and it must be righteously rectified. So get ready to scream those lungs out for one of the prominent cry babies (I say that lovingly) of emo.  Also probably only 2 people will appreciate this list and not make fun of me.

10. Screaming Infidelities “I wish that I was anywhere with anyone making out”

This makes the cut simply for being the classic Dashboard song that ushered millions of MTV viewers into the sweet sad love of Dashboard brought on by Carrabba’s handsome mug yelling at the screen.

9. Bend and Not Break “Or I can break and take it with a smile

That second when the guitars and cymbals rhythmically crash all together right before the chorus is what I believe the kids in the street are calling “everything”.

8. Standard Lines “I starve for you

This one goes out to all my friends and parents who dealt with the hours I butchered trying to learn the intro of this song on guitar after finding the first three notes somehow.  Also the gut wrenching I starve for you is probably the most quoted drunk emo lyric of all time.

7. The Best Deceptions “the clever cover story awards, they go to you

Full of anger and spite, this killer was the main go to whenever you found out your summer fling had found someone else. Classic Carrabba blending his whispering verses with booming screaming choruses giving that perfect drunken tantrum bipolar freak-out that we all love in his music.

6. The Swiss Army Romance “sleep with all the sheets off baring your mattress, baring your soul

The first time I saw Dashboard perform live this song stuck in my head and I couldn’t get it out.  The break down at the end of the song pummels you and lays into  people we all know who thinks they are the cooler, mature person.

5. Again I Go Unnoticed “out of touch are we out of time

This driving guitar riff keeps that horse gallop pace carrying you through the tale of boredom and disconnected relationships that we all have had. Put quite elegantly you feel the separation between two lovers at what seems to be a fruitless endeavor.

4. Hands Down “my hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me

Arguably the most popular of all Dashboard songs, the triumphant story of young love that gets fulfilled on one amazing night. It is the type of date that every pudgy emo kid like me dreamed of and hardly ever attained, STUPID JOCKS!!!

3. The Good Fight “basking in your victory hollow and alone

The title says it all the good fight. The tale of the seemingly last fight a couple has with one side winning but at what cost, possibly that of their relationship. Showing that sometimes being right for prides sake sometimes can come at a greater price.

2. Remember to Breath “Remeber to BREEEEEEEEEEEEATHHH

In my opinion this is the most bullish, hell fire causing scream that ever came out of Carrabba’s tiny little frame.  It was captured  beautifully in the Spring of ’05 during the critically acclaimed concert Walden the Welchmen Live from Prospect Hill.  If you missed that show, rumors were that the very handsome bass player killed it on that one.

1. So Impossible “Entire Thing….Seriously listen to it all”

The 80’s have basically every John Hughes movie, the 90’s had Can’t Hardly Wait and Emo kids across the world had So Impossible.  The classic high school party romance.  Two kids flirting in class, planning on meeting up at a party, then maybe hitting it off.  And let me tell you from personal experience when you are at a party of 10 or so 16 year olds (7 of which are guys) and you pop on some Dashboard, romance is afoot!


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