Don’t fruit the beer but definitely ginger it.

In the battle of the Cola wars I always found myself on the sideline not particularly having a glaring favorite between Pepsi and Coke. For me either of them was acceptable if you were feeling like a having just another blasé soda pop. For me if you were craving some sweet sugared refreshment there was only one way to go, Root Beer. Now maybe it was just foreshadowing for my beverages of choice in the future but for me a good ole’ frosty Root Beer was the way to go. I could spend all day running the numbers about the top contenders from Dad’s to Barqs and A & W to IBC. Not surprisingly I share the same affinity for most other root based soda, from Sarsaparilla to most Sassafras incarnations, but this weekend I had a revelation; the new craze in the cocktail world is going to be the utilization of Ginger Beer.

At Drink in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood they already make their own in-house Ginger Beer that is phenomenal and if proof is needed, sink into one of the stools at Barbara Lynch’s speakeasy and order a Mimi Taylor, a combination of Scotch, lime juice, and Ginger Beer. That is the place I first got the bug for that wonderfully spicy elixir that perks up any cocktail.

If you aren’t ready to glitz it up and shell out some cash for a high end cocktail just order a Moscow Mule or Dark and Stormy the next time you are feeling like changing things up at your watering hole of choice and enjoy. You heard it here first folks the cocktail craze of the future is Ginger Beer, livers be forewarned.


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