What’s all this ‘Mutz’ about?

In Hoboken, New Jersey, the great food debate rallies around who has the best Mozzarella, or “Mutz” as the locals call it, in town.

When it comes to the rankings there is usually two front runners being Fiore’s and Vito’s, with the dark horse M & P Biancamano sneaking in just behind. Arguably all three are top notch in my book with each having their own desirable characteristics. Fiore has a more sweet than salty offering leaving your mouth with a longing sensation for another piece opposed to another glass of water. Vito’s “Mutz” has an incredible texture, with its braids tearing away like string cheese and a toothy bite when you chomp down on it. The creaminess of M & P is like no other; it melts away as you eat it with unctuous cheese juice dripping down your chin. With each special in it’s own way it is too hard to pick a favorite, so I decided another rubric of judgment.

Since most people do not just settle down for a nice log of Mozzarella for lunch, although I can definitely envision myself doing just that, I had decided to take on more than just the Mutz and throw in my opinion on who uses their quality product the best in a sandwich. In that battle, there is only one true sandwich king of Hoboken, M & P Biancamano. With all shops having sandwiches roughly the same price range (from $7 to $9), M & P clearly wins for two main reasons, quality and quantity. The hulking sandwiches at M & P are two to three times the size of the other establishments with loads of fresh cut meats and cheeses. Now one might think that they are over loading with crappy product to get favorable reviews from husky young gentlemen like myself, being that I have seen sandwiches made at all three, I can tell you they all use the same exact Italian cold cuts.

Vito’s may have more options with different spreads and accoutrements, and Fiores might have a bit crustier bread, but for my money, I’ll take that trek a little further uptown to get my gorge on. For great mozzarella and better sandwiches head to M & P Biancamano.


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