My Bold Predictions for 2014

Much like New York Knicks fans my year starts off with high hopes.  Also like Knicks fans my aspirations are swiftly squashed and I’m left with praying that my arch rivals don’t succeed, I’m looking at you sushi!  Well going into this fiscal year I figured I’d give you my 5 dreams/hopes/predictions or whatever you want to call them.

Dr. Waffle says yummm in the heart of Brussels.

Dr. Waffle says yummm in the heart of Brussels.

1. The Death of Gastropubs– While I am a huge proponent of the amazing concept of great pub-esque food complimented by some equally delicious elixirs of the craft beer and cocktail variety, I believe the Gastropub moniker has been adopted and bastardized by every corner eatery that has Lagunitas on tap and a $13 burger on it’s menu.  Come on people step up your game and be original so we can weed out the weak links and let the true Gastropubs rule.  That way when I do a little searchy search on Yelp I can come across the real Gastropubs, not some mere imitation. (Yes it all boils down to my food searching laziness).

2. The Rise o’ the Pistachio– I believe this years big chic culinary accouterment will be the Pistachio.  We have all recently come accustomed to ice cream’s and pastries the like being filled with this glorious nut, but I believe it is time to rise and take it’s rightful place among the Mt.Rushmore with Planter’s Peanut Man and whoever is repping cashews these days, I think his name is Dave.  I want to see chefs making it rain with Pistachios like a Lil Yeezy video.  Pizza, tacos, the world is your oyster with Pistachio’s…….hmmmmm Oysters and Pistachios someone call Emeril.

3.  Cheaper Food–  I’m in my 20’s living in New York City, would this be too much to ask.

4. Belgian Cuisine For All– The new haute cuisine shall be that of the proud people of Belgium.  They already have the cred in the beer game, time to get some respect for the rest of their wares.  From tasty waffles to pomme frites, they prove they have what it takes when it comes to the snack game.  As far as the main grub how about world famous moules or mussels while benefitting from sharing regional borders with France and Germany, think amazing sauces and hearty meats.  I rang in the new year at a Belgian restaurant myself and boy did I start it off right.

5. Cask Ale Invasion– For years finding a good watering hole that serves some refreshing cask ale beer has been hard to come by in the United States.  In the United Kingdom a pub without some quality cask ale is called closed.  This easily drinkable brew goes down very smooth and is often lower in alcohol content making it a true all day beverage.  After downing quite a few pints of some fine cask ale across the pond this past year I figured I would be stumbling back to my hostel.  Low and behold I still had the mental cognition and stamina to go show those Brits how us Revolution winners get down on the dance-floor deep into the night.  Top me off fine barkeep with some cask ale post with.


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