Hey A Guys Guide to Wooing Your Lover: The Two Beer Risotto


People always ask me how I am so dynamite with the ladies.  Well actually no one asks me that.  What they do ask me, particularly my coming of age adult friends, how do I cook a special dinner for my significant other?  Well here is my fool proof way to woo that special someone making a restaurant quality dish that is sure to spice up with your night.  I like to call this two beer risotto, because who needs to cook without drinking after all.

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Beer of the Week: Green from Tree House Brewing Company

Photo Jun 04, 8 59 56 PM

Beer of the Week: Green by Tree House Brewing Company

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Wednesday Live: Brazil by Declan McKenna

Declan McKenna : Brazil

Armed with a loop petal, watch one of the most promising artists coming out of the UK build an entire band for his breakthrough smash Brazil.  In the span of about 30 seconds this British teen creates a backing band and then hops into his Vampire Weekend-esque take on South American footie.  With so much talent at such a young age I am expecting huge things to come from this teenage troubadour.

Beer of the Week: Peach of Mind by Burlington Beer Company


As the weekend creeps closer and that work clock starts counting down to 5 o’clock, it is probably a good idea to start pondering which bottle top is going to be the first to pop this weekend, maybe something a little peachy.

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My Life as a Child Capitalist : Sports Cards for Sale


What happens when an industrious youth with a backlog of Sports Illustrated For Kids needs to make some extra coinage on the down low?  Well a perfect black market of trading cards get established that’s what.

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Taco Tuesday: Battle of the Taco Titans

For those with intimate knowledge of American Appetite’s culinary explorations have known this day was destined to come.  A loosely held secret is my obsession over the ultimate taco joint, and here we are pitting my top two contenders against one another.

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Beer of The Week: Finback IPA by Finback


Those ringers from Ridgewood, Finback Brewery, set the bar fairly high with their whale of a beer in their namesake IPA.  With a solid head, this medium ambered beauty packs a whollop of flavor.  A predominantly piney and roasted bread aroma comes at you off the top, and cleans up nicely with crisp Chinook and Columbus hops.  A smooth mouth feel leads to a clean finish with a lot of the sweet citrus you expect from a nice IPA.  At 7.2% it is right there in the wheel house for a good IPA, but be careful because they really do go down easy.  It may not be as pungent as some of Finback’s more assertive and experimental brews but you would be hard pressed to get a better solid base IPA.  Head out to Queens to pick up a pack or hopefully the whale will be swimming it’s way into your local beer purveyor.